Order Flow Chart

Step 1. Send the DICOM・STL data

Please send the data with the Order Form. You can send your DICOM or STL data by our uploading system. CD-ROM is also available to send the data by mail.

・Download 3D-printed Aneurysm Model Order Form(Word / pdf)

*When you send the DICOM data, please make sure ALL SLICE DATA is included.
*If the patient had the scanning multiple times, please send the data as much as possible. We may provide various solutions with the data.
*If you send the STL data, please confirm the STL is “completely closed”.

Uploading System
  1. Drag and drop the Order Form and DICOM data or STL data on the window of the uploading system.
    *Please make the DICOM data together in one folder and upload it.

  2. Fill in the blank and push “Send” button.
    *It may take time to upload the data. Do not operate the web browser until the “upload completed” page is displayed.

Mailing the CD-ROM
  1. Please save the DICOM data or STL data to a CD-ROM and mail the disk to our office.
    *Please fill the Order Request Form and enclose the form when you mail the CD-ROM.

MediEng Co., Ltd. Department of product sales
〒102-0074 1-5-6 5F, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Step 2. Estimation

We will send the estimation sheet via E-mail after confirming the sent data. We will also check whether the data is available or not.

For customers who ordered the 3D-printed aneurysm model, we will also send an image on completion. Please let us know if you need any modeling modification at this stage. It is not possible to receive the correction after the order confirmation.

Step 3. Payment

Please confirm the estimation and complete your payment as soon as you receive an invoice from us. You could pay by bank transfer of credit card.
*Credit card payment is currently being prepared, sorry.

Step 4. 3D Print or Simulation

After we confirm the payment, 3D printing or simulation process is started.
*We need a several days to complete the process. The days as a rough guide are as follows:

Step 5. Deliver

We will deliver the 3D-printed aneurysm model by mail.
The results of virtual stent deployment simulation or blood flow simulation with computational fluid dynamics could be shown in your web browser with password. The password will be announced by e-mail.

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If you are uploading more than 100 files,
please compress them into a zip file
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Please wait until the transmission completion screen is displayed after clicking the "Send" button. If the size of the upload file is large, it may require more time to upload. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 512MB per file.