Virtual Stent Deployment Simulation

Virtual stent is our original simulation of stent deployment. It is able to deploy various size and length stents at an aneurysm. Although the estimation of the ideal stent is difficult even if the physician is a veteran, this technic will provide you the suitable stent in each aneurysms before the treatment. It also prevent a risk of “stent shortning”, which could not cover the whole area of aneurysmal neck.


There are various size and length stents in their lineup. Needless to say, the diameter of vessels and aneurysm size is different by various patient. Physicians have to choose the suitable stent from the lineup.

Previously, they have estimated the suitable stent referring to the 2D-displayed image of aneurysm like the next figure.

However, the estimation of the suitable stent requires the experience and intuition of veteran physician. They never know which stent is the best because the length of released stent is continuously changed in the artery since the diameter is not fixed.

If the unsuitable stent is deployed, it may occur “stent shortning” which could not cover the whole area of aneurysmal neck as shown in the next figure.

Our virtual stent deployment simulation could deploy various stent with changing the length or size in computer. It is helpful to estimate the suitable stent for each cases before the operation; the risk of stent shortning will be reduced.

*Wall braided type stent is available in this service (Razer cut stent is unsupported). We need the specific size of the stent such as pitch, length, and wire diameter. Please contact us about the detailed information.

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