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Venture company from Tokyo University of Science:
MediEng Co., Ltd.

Recently, it is having easily to get the specific geometry of vessels and organs with the development of diagnostic imaging system such as Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). With the great advance of these device, it is highly required to obtain the touchable organ phantoms with ACTUAL SHAPE and SIZE in your hands. In addition, computational simulation technics provide us the estimation of blood flow or deployed device which have been actually invisible and unpredictable.

MediEng will provide the solution for the needs of touchable organ phantoms and simulations with the conversion technics from DICOM imaging data to STL format data, the modeling technology using latest 3D printer device, and our simulation technics such as virtual stent or computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These solutions are not only for medical doctors or researchers but also patients or their families.

3D-Printed Aneurysm Model


3D aneurysm model is generated from three dimensional medical image data (DICOM data) with its parent arteries using the latest 3D printer. It will be able to understand the aneurysmal morphology or relative position to parent arteries with the actual size. The 3D-printed aneurysm model is valid for the effective micro-catheter shaping in case of endovascular treatment such as coil embolization.

Virtual Stent Deployment Simulation


Virtual stent is our original simulation of stent deployment. It is able to deploy various size and length stents at an aneurysm. Although the estimation of the ideal stent is difficult even if the physician is a veteran, this technic will provide you the suitable stent in each aneurysms before the treatment. It also prevent a risk of “stent shortning”, which could not cover the whole area of aneurysmal neck.

Blood Flow Simulation with
Computational Fluid Dynamics


It is impossible to obtain the precise blood flow or stress on vessel wall even if the latest diagnostic imaging system is used. These phenomena could be visualized using the simulation technics of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This service will help you to estimate and visualize the blood flow in aneurysm or stress on aneurysmal wall, which is said to be important factors of aneurysmal rupture or growth.

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Services for All People

The service from MediEng may seem to be only for doctors or researchers, but we think that our service should be not only for them but also patients or their families. A cerebral aneurysm is definitely not a rare disease, however, its rupture occurs subarachnoid hemorrhage, which will lead death or cause severe disabilities. Although it is obviously important for physicians to treat the aneurysm effectively and adequately, it is also necessary for patients themselves to understand the disease with their eyes and hands. Our service is available from every persons who have the DICOM data obtained by CT, MRI, and DSA scanning. In addition, we also have the technics to reconstruct and 3D-print other organs or bones from the DICOM data. Medical examinees who are interested in our service and veterinarians who want to have 3D-printed animal organ model are also our important customers. If you have any request about the 3D-printing or simulations, please do not hesitate to contact us from the form.